This blog

I often wonder why people decide to start a blog,  Sometimes the content that people put up makes no sense  whatsoever.  When I look back at when I started my blog, I realized I just did it because I thought it was cool.  The blog made no sense, and the quality looked liked it was written by an 8-year-old (Most likely because it was).  Now, I decided to try to start writing posts on this blog again. I hope to be able to post semi-normally,  This blog used to be about games and crap like that, but now I want it to just be what I feel, and what my awesome God has shown me throughout my life.

When I am typing this post, I was asking myself why I was trying to restart this blog.  I doubt many (if any) people will follow this blog.  The reason (I think) is that I  believe blogging is a way to express how I feel in a really simple way.


If anyone is still reading this, thank you.  You have no idea how much I appreciate it.




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