Why do we do nothing?

What I love about Christianity is the personal relationship aspect of our God.  Because of this, we are expected to talk to him.  In a Bible study I am doing, the author makes a point of saying that Jesus is our friend.  This fact is the most amazing thing in the world to me. The God of the universe, the one outside of time, who created all the world,  cares enough about us to want to have a personal relationship with us.  Why would we do nothing?  If someone famous tried to reach out and get to know us, would you just ignore them? Friendship with God is so much better than any friendship with a celebrity.  Friendship requires work.  Imagine if you had someone who called you a good friend but you guys never talked.  That’s how I feel sometimes. I feel that I say that I have a relationship with God, but then I don’t read my Bible or talk to God like I should.  I’m so thankful for friends who help to keep me accountable.

Sometimes when I am writing these posts I feel like a hypocrite.  I want people to know that that’s what I’m trying to avoid, but somehow in my head it always sounds like I am saying I am better than other people. I’M NOT! We’re all just sinners redeemed by Jesus.

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