The Big Stick Method

Lately, no matter whether I want to hear it or not, God has been showing me that He has greater plans than my dumb plans. However, I keep making my own plans. Then God comes in and kindly smashes my plan to bits. (This is what I call “The Big Stick Method*”.) Then I again realize that He has so much more wisdom than I do. He knows that His plan will work out. I do not know what will happen within an hour.

Just for an example, today after I went on a run I went to study for my upcoming Life Science test. After searching frantically for my diagram, I realized that it was sitting in my locker at school. Without that diagram, I was sure I was going to fail that test. But then God showered me with His grace and love, as he helped my parents to find a very similar diagram on the Internet. As I was typing this, I thought to myself, “I glorified God more when I forgot my diagram then I would have if I did not forget the diagram.”


*After proofreading this entry, I feel that it brings God down. I apologize, as this was not my intention.

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