Why Do We Do Nothing?

In the real world, I find it much harder to live it out than just what you see on this blog. This blog probably shows just my better side. IRL, I am a Minecraft-addicted no-lifed junior higher. But recently, when one of my friends started reading this, I realized that just posting something on a blog is not enough. I know for a fact that I do not do enough beyond the walls of the internet. I definitely do not talk to many unsaved people, as I go to a Christian school, go to a good youth group, and live in a godly home. And as I typing this I am asking myself, “Why are you doing nothing, Grant?” It’s just the fact of being surrounded in Christianity that shows me that I really need to go out of my way and do things other than just work on this blog.


The web administrator in me has to say that I will be totally revamping the site- both design and in the content of the pages. Thanks for bearing with me as I hope to produce a better website.

I’d just like to say that I appreciate every one of the people who read this blog. Thank you so much.

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