His Plans Existed Forever

One thing that has been especially meaningful this break has been God’s sovereign plan’s eternal existence. Forever before. Anything. Ever.

He knew how any minuscule detail at all would fit into the immense ness of the big picture. He knew how much mustard would be on the burger I just ate. (YUM!) God, the creator of everything that ever was, has every right to not give a thought to the amount of mustard on a cheeseburger. Yet he cares.

He sovereignly allowed just the perfect amount of mustard that he decided there would be before the universe existed. Every detail of anything that every has, is, and will happen was always in God’s infinite knowledge bank. He knows exactly how and when I will die. He knew everything that happened to Jesus before the Messiah was even promised.

Yet God did not just know all things. He sovereignly knows every person that will die and spend all of the future looking back into their earthly past, almost dead, and having the knowledge that they will never ever be relieved of the misery of being in Hell. But he sovereignly provided an escape. Jesus died to forgive the sins of all mankind. Yet he knew exactly who would accept the life-changing gift of his forgiveness. He desired that all would come and submit their lives to worshipping him. But he also gave them a will. He allowed his human race, which he created, to be able to choose whether to do what they were created to do. And the humans did rebel. But they had an escape. Every human that ever is/will be in Hell can say that they had the opportunity to run to their creator God and be forgiven.

But this does not mean that witnessing is worthless, for God can use anything that we say or do to get to someone. And God’s plan accounts for anything you think that you can do to resist it. God uses sin sinlessly to accomplish everything. Ever.

I would like to just let you know that I am no Biblical scholar. If anything in this post is incorrect , please let me know.

Grant McLravy

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