Pride is big, but God is bigger

Recently, I have had a hard time struggling with pride.  Pride comes naturally to all humans, and “beating” it is a struggle for all of us.  I constantly see myself as bigger than I am.  I will never be able to see myself as I deserve to be seen.

But pride doesn’t just hurt me.  It also hurts others.  In the process of putting myself up, I often put others down.  As a result of something as seemingly small as thinking of myself as great, I have hurt others.  Pride also hurts the single most important thing in life: my relationship with God.  When thinking of myself as great, it shows that I am not seeing God as big as he is.

Jesus died for pride.  Jesus defeated the very pride sin that I am struggling with right now.  He knew that my pride would cause me grief, and he has always been stronger than my pride.  I just have to run to him and have my pride sin forgiven.

God is good; he doesn’t see me as I am.  Instead he sees the perfection of Jesus, the perfect sacrifice.


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