Real fishers of men

If only I were a real fisher of men instead of a fisher of pleasure, my life would be significantly MORE pleasurable than seeking tiny worldly pleasures could ever make my life more”fun.” God is so good that he makes following him enjoyable. He allowed us to enjoy what we were made to do! Yet I constantly can’t get past the fact that I can do nothing to “earn” God’s love. God’s love is there whether or not I acknowledge it. He will always love the lowly sinner that is too afraid to fish men. In a sense, when I refuse to reach out to people, I am saying that I care more about myself than the fact that they are hell-damned. I would NEVER say this aloud , but actions so obviously do speak louder than words.

God is so much bigger than a fear of man. He can use a scared teen to show Himself to others.


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