The gospel is world changing

As a fullbred American, I have been raised seeing the American dream- the perfect middle class house you share with your lovable, perfect family, while working an easy, enjoyable job. This American dream is seen everywhere- especially on television commercials. These things don’t satisfy. They are a like an itch that you can’t help but scratch. When you scratch it, it give you that moment of satisfying relief, but when you stop scratching the itch ends up hurting more severely. When you finally can afford that perfect middle class house, you are satisfied UNTIL you see that larger middle class house you can almost afford if you can just get that better job. Then, you might be able to barely buy that fancy luxury car.

This is not a satisfying way to live. We were designed to be satisfied by possessions. We were designed to be fully, perfectly satisfied in the one true God. Yet our human minds think that we can fulfill that itching desire with other things.  I have this effect when I am not thinking of God.  When I don’t focus on God, I think I need SOMETHING to fill the need for happiness. When I play video games, I am happy until I have done everything that I originally wanted to. Then, I get bored of it, making me find a new video game to obsess over until it gets old.

My life is characterized with video games.  I recently realized that the main reason I enjoy video games is because of the people.  When no one else is playing video games with me, I don’t enjoy it.  It’s like I play because it’s the only thing I really know to do.  That previous sentence basically describe most Saturday mornings.  I am not satisfied with Minecraft/TF2/Portal 2,  but I continue to play the games even though I know there are better things to do.  I could be serving my family, studying for school (like I never do ever) , or actually READING MY BIBLE for once.

My lack of Bible reading is something that I hate to admit that exists, but it does, therefore I need to deal with it. Growing up,  I never ever read the Bible willingly.  My dad would always read the Bible to me before I went to bed.  When I grew up more, I never developed the habit at a young age.  Now, I’m not blaming it on my father, as reading the Bible is a responsibility that I should learn myself.  And now, when I claim to have a better relationship with Him, I don’t read his word. That’s pretty sickening.  I claim to have a good relationship to God without ever reading the Bible.  As I continue to update this blog, I want to see an obvious change from the beginning of when I started this blog to the present. Currently, that’s not really happened.  Sure, my writing style has changed, but I’ve not grown in the Spirit like I’ve desired to grow.  I would say that the number one reason this has happened would be lack of Bible reading.  My world should be changed by the perfect power of the gospel.  Yet when an opportunity appears to come outside my Minecraft/TF2/Portal 2 bubble, I don’t want to.  In that moment, continuing to play video games seems much more satisfying than hanging up laundry does. The power of the gospel changes all of this.  When the gospel affects my life, I want to hang up the laundry.  I desire to serve.  I still play Minecraft/TF2/Portal 2, but it’s with a totally different attitude.  When gaming,my goal needs to be the glory of the Father, not my pleasure.  That certainly means to cut down on the gaming. That’s certainly means to do much more Bible reading.  That changes lives.  In my 14-year-old lifestyle, the gospel changes my video gaming.  But day by day, person by person, the gospel is changing the world.

Thanks for reading my rambly words on the Internet. I write this mainly for my benefit, as putting these words down has certainly helped me, but also for the benefit of anyone who happens to read these words.  I also plan to maintain this site quite a bit more, as I only post sporadically.


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